Douglas Lee's Themes for Falling Down Stairs Is An Experimental Sonic Journey

"Multi-Instrumentalist, Performer, Composer and Sound Artist Plunges Head First Into Timeless Aural Solo Album Performing an Array of Unusual Instruments Including Musical Glasses, Koto, Shamisen, Analog Synths, Wild Noisemakers and Various Soundscapes" - It's Alive! Media

"Themes for Falling Down Stairs", released October 23rd, 2020 is a sonic journey into unknown areas. Existing beyond dimensions, the album's experimental approach exposes listeners to otherworldly frequencies.

Douglas Lee manipulates each sound through his use of unconventional and obscure instruments from around the world. His dedication to under-appreciated and lesser known instruments have allowed him to genuinely create art that is outside of the influence.

Within the album he explores sonic barriers through musical glasses, guitar, koto, shamisen, organ, analog synthesizers, melodica, marimba, electric vibraphone, jaw-harps, tuned gongs and chimes, aprés baschet sound sculpture, suikinkutsu, vinyl manipulation, noise and soundscapes.

In a statement from last year musician Douglas Lee noted “I’ve performed around the world on television, been a featured soloist on the glasses and work assisting and developing wild sonic tools and practices, but nothing compared to completing my debut solo album Themes for Falling Down Stairs". He adds “I was able to create my own world using otherworldly music and my love of outré instruments like the glasses, Theremin, the koto, musical saw and shamisen to inhabit a time and space that exists separate from the location of the listener.”