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Vinyl Records on a Wall
Discover Vinyl Record Display Stand No B
Gov't Mule - Heavy Load Blues Blue Smoke Colored Vinyl Record Full Spread .jpg

Heavy Load Blues (Blue Smoke Vinyl) Indie Exclusive 2LP by Gov't Mule out November 12 via Fantasy Records

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Circa Survive "On Letting Go" vinyl records being displayed on Discover Vinyl brand Extendable Vinyl Display Shelf - Aluminum Wall Mount for Multiple LP Records
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The Joy Division

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Vinyl Display Shelf - Extendable Aluminum Wall Mount for Single LP Records - Discover Vinyl Display Shelf Front 1-min
Vinyl Record Display Stand and Holder for Singles (7"s), Full LPs, Gatefold LPs
Single-Record Floating LP Shelf
Multi-Record Floating LP Shelf

Vinyl Record Stand Design Features

Non-Damaging to Vinyl

Every angle & dimension was designed so none of the grooves on the vinyl touches the display regardless of the record size. Contact points are the center label and dead wax on the outside rim, consistent with vinyl handling best practice.

Holds Vinyl Records of All Sizes

Fits 7”, 10”, 12”s, and Gate-Fold vinyl records. You can place the record jacket or the vinyl itself in the stand. Minimal & Modern design complements pristine and worn records alike. One display, endless Records. 

Light & Minimal Design

No moving parts, no build by picture diagrams, no plastic. Only one clean-cut sheet of metal consciously crafted into a record display. Lightweight aluminum delivers a strong stand that is featherlight. 

Designed by Record Collectors

These stands were designed for functionality and use within our own vinyl collections. Unlike other sellers that sell products of all types, our dedication and speciality is in vinyl record stands.

Easily Change Records

Whether you’re swapping records every couple of songs or changing your record on display once a month, you can rotate albums in the vinyl record stand as easily as replacing a book back into a bookshelf. 

Easy to Clean

All Discover Vinyl record stands are made 100% out of aluminum. Our stands won’t rust when being cleaned or exposed to spills. Clean your stands with the same solution you use to clean your records or simply use water.  

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