Briston Maroney Drops Debut Album "Sunflower", Alongside Exclusive Vinyl, and Surreal Visual Album

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Circa Survive "On Letting Go" vinyl records being displayed on Discover Vinyl brand Extendable Vinyl Display Shelf - Aluminum Wall Mount for Multiple LP Records
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Vinyl Display Shelf - Extendable Aluminum Wall Mount for Single LP Records - Discover Vinyl Display Shelf Front 1-min
Vinyl Record Display Stand and Holder for Singles (7"s), Full LPs, Gatefold LPs
Single-Record Floating LP Shelf
Multi-Record Floating LP Shelf

Vinyl Display Design Features


Every angle & dimension was precisely designed to ensure none of the grooves on the vinyl touches display. Contact points are the center label and outer rim of the wax consistent with vinyl handling best practice.


Every Discover Vinyl brand floating shelf comes equipped with two sets of holes on each side designed for connecting together multiple displays. Whether you want a shelf one record wide, two records, or ten. Simply connect the two shelves with our provided hardware and design your new floating collection.


Fits records of multiple sizes from 7” singles to your prized 10” and gate-fold jacket deluxe 12”s. One display. Endless Records.

Unmatched Quality

Small batches of high craft vinyl displays designed in and made in the USA out of high grade aluminum metal. Display stand designs are trademarked exclusively to Discover Vinyl and only available through approved retail partners.


Floating shelf design keeps records close to the wall while holding them at a slight angle to prevent tipping or falling. Slim profile that still securely holds records.

Swap Records Easily

Floating shelf design makes swapping your record on display as easy as replacing a book in a bookshelf. 

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