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The Orion Experience // Cosmicandy

The Orion Experience “Cosmicandy”

For Fans Of: The Knocks, Tally Hall, Beck, The Bloodhound Gang Genre: Indie Pop, Dance Rock

It's always great news when you hear about a record you love being pressed for the first time years after its initial release. That's the excitement many fans had when they heard The Orion Experience would be releasing two of their full-length albums on vinyl, Cosmicandy, and Children Of The Stars. Both records were released through Needlejuice Records earlier this year and are available both online and at your local record store. Today we're diving into Cosmicandy.

Cosmicandy is the debut album from The Orion Experience. Topping just over 30 minutes, Cosmicandy consists of 10 songs of pure bliss Indie Pop. Tracks like "The Cult of Dionysus" showcase why the band was a breakout social media viral hit. Even more so, "Blood and Money" and "The Queen of White Lies" evoke feelings of a night well spent on the dance floor. There is nothing cookie-cutter about T.O.E. and it's clear the band has made their own lane without the need to follow trends or common tropes.

Pulling influence from a blend of genres ranging from Indie Pop, Dance Rock, to their own special blend T.O.E. is an experience like no other. Cosmicandy delivers a fresh new sound different from what you typically see in the Pop Rock / Alt Rock space.

The album is carried by catchy and upbeat melodies that deliver endless positive vibes. The Orion Experience's debut album displays the band’s ability to write their own legacy while not losing the fun side of being creative in today's day in age.

The band delivers a familiar yet fresh sound with each song taking you on a journey. Since the album's initial release it’s been a journey for the band. This record and Children Of The Stars were released on vinyl, they group is releasing new music, and it looks like we may even see a tour on the horizon. We are excited to see what new music The Orion Experience has in store for 2022 and beyond.

Watch the video for Obsessed with You here:

Track Listing

  • The Queen of White Lies

  • The Cult of Dionysus

  • Obsessed with You

  • I Love the Stars

  • Adrianne

  • There’s No Love in February

  • Like Sexy Dynamite

  • Your New Boyfriend

  • We Are the Ones

  • Blood & Money

  • 180-gram vinyl

  • Lyric insert and download card

  • Orange Crush and Milky Clear Swirled LP variants

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