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Multidimensional Duo Divide and Dissolve Unveil Vinyl Package “Gas Lit” via Invada Records

"Gas Lit" by Divide and Dissolve out January 29th on Invada Records

Following a string of well-received singles with accompanying visuals for ”Prove It”, ”We Are Really Worried About You”, and a two-song 7" vinyl as part of the Saddle Creek Document series titled ”TFW”. The neo-classical heavy doom duo Divide and Dissolve reveal details on their incoming album "Gas Lit" due out on Invada Records on January 29th with the vinyl coming shortly after.

Album Cover Art by Ruban Nielson & Photograph by Jenny Nielson, D//D logo by Susan Kim.

The album was produced by none other than Ruban Nielson of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, who also designed the album art. When asked about the album art in a press release Nielson says of the design, "I was looking through a huge bo of old film photos at my house looking for some things that might work as the cover. My wife Jen's picture of a land sculpture she made as a teenager in Tolaga Bay was there and it felt perfect. Like a pyre. Her puppy from back then is in the picture to the right too. I miss that Dog."

Vinyl Pressing Info:

  • Red vinyl retail edition pressed on 180g heavyweight vinyl, w/ digital download card.

  • Invada mail order web-store exclusive variant pressed on clear/green marble vinyl, w/ digital download card. Limited to 200.

Divide and Dissolve are unforgettable once you've found them. Their soundscapes linger and resonate, brought to life through a cinematic slow burn of instrumental multi-influenced heavy music. The duo is made up of Takiaya Reed (saxophone, guitar, live effects) and Sylvie Nehill (drums, live effects).

So far each release to date holds great meaning and purpose for Divide and Dissolve. To dismantle white supremacy and to protect indigenous sovereignty. Both empowering and impactful, their unique blend of rare-form audio textures and soundscapes to the ability to project a clear voice in the space while being instrumental. Sonically, the songs each have held a dichotomy to them contrasting mellow and harsh, from faint echoing to mind-melting fuzz, each piece of art is intentional and powerful. Divide and Dissolve's ability to address painful issues through a progressive lens and their storytelling despite the lack of lyrics has made them a powerful creative force in heavy and alternative music.

There is undeniable chemistry between the two musicians when interlocked in their waves of sound.

The band reveals in a press release how that connection has been there since the very beginning, “When we first started playing music together we didn’t know each other very well. However, in the beginning of getting to know each other we spoke of our Indigeneity and thought it was important to share about our families. This was unique and special for us to be able to share and create a cohesive infrastructure for writing our music.”

The band comments, “Sometimes we don’t need to talk in order for others to understand what’s going on. We are also communicating with our ancestors through the music. Our ancestors help us to communicate with each other on a deeper level as well. This deep connection is able to be achieved without words.”

In the audio / visual combination presented in "Denial" we transcend beyond the borders of our normal perspective. They transport us to the roaring waters of Huka falls/Waikato awa (Waikato river) humbling us to unmistakable beauty and force of nature. The climax of crashing guitars mixing with the waves evokes a feeling that humbles. To then grounding us back to earth with the shift back to calm as the visuals settle into Taupo-Nui-A-Tia moana (Lake Taupo). We are allowed this glimpse into their world thanks to the local Iwi\tribe Ngāti Tūwharetoa, the rightful guardians of the whenua/land and to Rūaumoko the god of volcanoes, earthquakes and the seasons.

"Denial" is functional revolutionary music aimed at the systemic and deeply entrenched oppression against black and indigenous communities, the track "encapsulates their message behind the music: to undermine and destroy the white supremacist colonial framework and to fight for Indigenous Sovereignty, Black and Indigenous Liberation, Water, Earth, and Indigenous land given back" notes Divide and Dissolve.

They go on to say "The act of denial is one of the most powerful mechanisms of the colonial project. Black, Indigenous, and people of colour are continuously being presented with elements of denial that contribute to the ongoing genocide and dispossession of our people, land, water, and spirit. Our song is seeking to exert an even greater force by calling into question the weaponisation of memory, forgetting or denying the existence of an experience or action."

Black, Indigenous, and people of colour are continuously being presented with elements of denial that contribute to the ongoing genocide and dispossession of our people, land, water, and spirit.

The accompanying video was shot in Taupo, Aotearoa by notable indigenous music video director Amber Beaton at the end of the southern hemisphere's winter.

Director Amber Beaton comments, “I’m a huge fan of D/D and so happy to have made this video for them. I understand and appreciate the message behind the music and I wanted to make sure the video held the same intentions no matter how subtle. For instance, we start off with a shot of a Kōwhai tree. Native to Aotearoa, Kōwhai in bloom signifies to Māori that some seafood is ready for harvest, the roots can be used to make fishing hooks, the sap on the sunny side of the tree can be used to heal wounds... but the vibrancy of the yellow flower was also the first thing Captain Cook saw when he arrived on the shores of Aotearoa signaling the start of colonial violence on this whenua/land. The changing colours of its flower in the video represents our change as a country and as people since that fateful arrival.”

Not shy to collaborate with like minded creatives with shared values, the group continue with the new album track “Did You Have Something To Do With It” where the band again enlists writer/artist Minori Sanchiz-Fung who has appeared on previous releases, to perform a compelling spoken word piece. As well as their collaborations with music video directors such as Amber Beaton (aforementioned), Chi Chi Castillo (director) and Sepand Mashiahof (producer) who made the video for the lead single “We Are Really Worried About You”.

GAS LIT is the upcoming third full-length album from

Divide and Dissolve, marking it's first release on Invada Records. The album is released on January 29th, 2021 with the vinyl release shortly forthcoming.

Vinyl Liner Notes:

Front cover - Jenny Nielson. And Ruban Nielson of Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

Back album art - Arthur Katrina.

D//D logo - Susan Kim.

Design - Chris Reeder.

Recorded by Joel Taylor.

Mastered by Ji Golden Jr.

Track Listing:

1. Oblique

3. Did You Have Something To Do With It (feat. Minori-Sanchiz-Fung)

4. Denial

5. Far From Ideal

6. It's Really Complicated

7. Mental Gymnastics

Divide and Dissolve are:

Takiaya Reed (Black & Tsalagi [Cherokee])

Sylvie Nehill (Māori)



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