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Snag - Snag Emotional Hardcore About Climate Anxiety

For fans of: Funeral Diner, Lachance, Beau Navire, The Fall of Troy, Kaonashi, American Football, A Lot Like Birds, Shin Guard

Genre: Emotional Hardcore, Mathcore, Midwest Emo, Post Punk

Released on November 9th 2019 through Middle Man Records (US), Zegema Beach Records (Canada) & Daesin Records (Europe)

Snag release their debut self titled LP Snag. self proclaimed as climatecore, the aptly named emotional hardcore subgenre fueled by the bands rising anxiety centered around climate change, is a chaotic and beautiful 8 song journey. Much like a hurricane this record showcases the duality of beauty and agression. Interlaced within the deep cutting tracks are ambient and intricate interludes that lace together the tracks into a full circle exposition. There are no filler tracks on this record, snag poured their heart into each song and it's evident through the symphonic yet spastic Fall of Troy esque soundscape. Heres what Middle Man Records said about the release:

"Milwaukee’s SNAG are fucking pissed about climate change, and we hope you are too. This is a 9-song LP rooted in change, resistance and screamy hardcore. The three piece have been evolving since 2016 and this collection of songs showcase the individuals’ talents (each member tackles an instrument in addition to vocal duties) as well as their collective entity, and do so in exemplary fashion. For fans of early 2000s screamo and revolution."

You can grab a copy (worldwide) at the links below:

USA - Middle Man Records -

Upcoming Shows

2/1/20 at Cactus Club in Milwaukee

2/29/20 at X-Ray Arcade in Cudahy, WI

with Dead to Fall, Knaaves

Snag plays a particularly visceral form of screamo that plays heavily with the more atmospheric, post-rock side of the genre, incorporating disparate instruments like violin, cello, and trumpet as well as anxious interludes and build-ups while never sacrificing the immediacy and kinetic catharsis at the heart of their sound.

Snag confronts themes of antipathy for late-capitalism, police violence, and environmental catastrophe with fury and despair. Theirs is a generation with a deep sense of injustice and impending loss. They draw influence from touchstones Portraits of Past, City of Caterpillar, and Majority Rule: bands that informed an adolescent sneer that has matured into an adulthood of ambivalence and precarity. They offer a distinctly Midwest interpretation of the impending crumble of society.

"The sounds of nature reclaiming what always belonged to it."

Photo Credit: LukeMouradian

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