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Rainbow Kitten Surprise - Main 2021 - Credit_Don VanCleave.jpg

Rainbow Kitten Surprise 

Photo By: Don VanCleave

Rainbow Kitten Surprise - Devil Like Me (Live from Athens Georgia)


“RKS! LIVE FROM ATHENS GEORGIA” Live Album Vinyl & Live Videos Out Now

Initially from the small mountain town of Boone, North Carolina, Rainbow Kitten Surprise are a perfect example of how to create your own lane as an artist. We were lucky enough to get to speak with Jess Haney (drums, Rainbow Kitten Surprise) about the upcoming live album, it’s accompanying vinyl, the creative process behind putting together a dynamic setlist, and why this record deserves to be in your collection.

Dive right into the conversation below.

RKS! Live From Athens Georgia 3-LP Comp.jpg

RKS! Live From Athens Georgia

"We wanted to make a collectors item almost you know? I have those records that inspired us to do this in my collection that I'm like, this is more than just the music, it's an art piece.


Something that 's nice to have. That's what we wanted to do going into it, we wanted to make it really special. Do crazy things that inspired me so other people could be inspired by it."

- Jess Haney, Rainbow Kitten Surprise

RKS! Live From Athens Georgia Track Listing:

1. Mission To Mars
2. When It Lands
3. Counting Cards
4. All’s Well That Ends
5. Cold Love
6. Moody Orange
7. Shameful Company
8. Our Song
9. Matchbox
10. Cocaine Jesus
11. Devil Like Me
12. Seven

13. First Class

14. Heart
15. No Vacancy
16. Painkillers
17. Goodnight Chicago
18. Freefall
19. Fever Pitch
20. Hide
21. That’s My Shit
22. Possum Queen
23. Polite Company
24. Recktify
25. Run

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