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The Story Behind Our Products

Discover Vinyl’s record stands were born from the hobby of browsing local record stores meeting the desire to connect and share records easily over new media. 


Before Discover Vinyl offered any products, we were a music blog sharing favorite records from our vinyl collections. We were resorting to a variety of subpar methods to photograph and share our collections, typically ending up repurposing old picture frames & easels. After trial and error and shamefully damaging a record here or there, we began the idea to create a line of minimal yet durable stands. 


Beyond that, we wanted a record stand that wasn’t “vintage”. One we could use to share our collection over social media. One that was adaptable enough to be used both across moods and personal tastes. Whether you were into metal or classical, a home listener or independent label.  A neutral yet modern collection of designs meant to complement records of all sizes, colors, genres, and overall listening environments.

We considered what material to make the stands out of, we thought about plastic but didn’t like how unsustainable sourcing plastic for products was. We considered wood but over time the wood wears, chips, fades, and other problems unique to that medium. Eventually we ended up on aluminum. 

Aluminum allowed us to make stands that are only a few ounces in weight that were strong enough to hold LP and gatefold albums securely. Aluminum allowed us to make a stand that can withstand more than the other comparable brands. Keeping a neat display is made easy as each stand can be cleaned with the same solution used on your records.

In the process of designing our stands we went through several design revisions to ensure perfection. We experimented with various heights, angles, features and finishes before arriving at our current record displays. We here at Discover Vinyl love our records and know you do to, that is why we made sure all of our displays are not only secure but non-damaging to your favorite vinyl.

Every record stand is brought to life with our full-service fabrication shop manufacturing partner based in Phoenix, Arizona, MacDermid Design, LTD. What started as a series of sketches being sent back and forth quickly developed into 3D CAD modeled prototypes. Having a close relationship with our supplier enabled us to exchange ideas and test various models before arriving at the completed design we offer today.


MacDermid Design has been an integral part of our entry into the marketplace giving us the access to a manufacturer which typically would be cost prohibitive to any start-up. While we started at the prototyping stage we are ready to ship our vinyl displays worldwide and have the production capabilities to scale with our market share.


Discover Vinyl Record Stand Blueprint Mockup

Vinyl Record Stand

Discover Vinyl Record Single Shelf Blueprint Mockup
Discover Vinyl Double Vinyl Record Shelf Blueprint Mockup

Vinyl Record Shelf

Discover Vinyl Record Wall Frame Blueprint Mockup

Vinyl Record Frame

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United By Vinyl

Discover Vinyl is a music blog and community of record collectors. Covering the full spectrum of Rock, from Pop-Punk to Metalcore, Discover highlights trending vinyl releases while also shining light on underground records.

Discover Vinyl allows record labels & artists to get their music directly in front of fans who are eager to build their vinyl collection.

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