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"We continue to scale because of the creatives and members in the community who are fueling our growth. Through listening to what the community is talking about we are able to highlight hidden gems and trending releases while creating content that stands out from what you typically see today."


"We had been around for about a year, operating as a music blog before the shift to turn our passion of record collecting into something more sustainable than a hobby. During the first year, I was working a full-time job running the blog on my off hours. As much as I loved writing, it became clear that if I really wanted Discover to grow it needed to be treated like a business. Transitioning into a business gave us the excuse to spend more time doing what we loved, which was working with artists and vinyl. "


"Through having our ear to the ground, we're able to create content that fans are really interested in engaging with as well as being able to participate with themselves. "

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