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Movements // Outgrown Things // Fearless Records

Perfectly paced, poetic and melodic, aggressive yet melancholy. Outgrown Things plays out like a thought that takes over. Each song grabs your focus and pulls your attention down a rabbit hole while bringing up emotions, past struggles, and the darker side of things you tell yourself in your head. The lofty and distinct contrast of minor and major chords held open kick off the record. A fast tempo delivering pain you can feel both in the music. There is an authenticity to Movement’s that is undeniable. It’s alluring, a feeling that’s few and far between that have you vying for more. For being only five songs long, you find yourself spending hours with this record.

Outgrown Things is a time-capsule of sorts, it’s a full concentration of the sound that broke Movement’s yet was created before all the buzz. Since then they’ve released Feel Something, covers, acoustic and live versions, and most recently No Good Left To Give which shows the band evolving and expanding beyond their initial sound without losing the core of what made people love them.

Variant: Transparent Orange + Grimace Purple A/B Side With Bone Splatter Initially Released: March 2016


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