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Briston Maroney Releases "It's Still Cool If You Don't" + Announces Debut Album "Sunflower"

"Sunflower" by Briston Maroney is expected April 9th, 2021 on Canvasback Music and Atlantic Records. Accompanied by companion full-length feature film directed by Joey Brodnax.

Take a look into the creative process that went into "Sunflower", its release on vinyl, and where you can find a copy below.

Canvasback Music recording artist Briston Maroney has been making waves, and rightfully so. The 23 year old Nashville bred part indie-folk part alt-rock artist has been paving his own way. Over the past few years Maroney's string of highly acclaimed EP's, ability to cultivate a strong fanbase built from the ground up, and an undeniable understanding of creating songs that are emotionally evoking, has everyone eagerly anticipating his debut full-length. Today Maroney has released "It's Still Cool If You Don't", and officially announced his forthcoming debut album Sunflower, set for release on April 9th. The vinyl will be available for collectors to grab a copy at all Urban Outfitter stores across the country.

"It's Still Cool If You Don't" is a beautifully crafted multi-sensory trip. With the visuals taking you on a hilarious trip into his world, full of close friends, satire, and creative scenes. Watch the trailer for "Sunflower: A Visual Album" below:

From the way Briston Maroney spins narratives that play out extremely conversational and witty, to the crystal clear mastering and production, and f*ck it mentality. The song is suitable just as much to pair with your morning coffee as it is to blow off steam at the end of a rough day. Maroney shines light on the record saying:

Coming to terms with the full scope of who the hell I am has been the most difficult thing I have ever had to do. It’s also the only thing has allowed me to fully experience true joy in my life. Sometimes processing everything emotionally the way I do, has kept me from understanding things logically, the way other people seem to so effortlessly. This has allowed me to see so much beauty, and has at times also made me feel so far away from reality.

'Sunflower' is my attempt at a record about all of those moments, terrifying and serene alike. The times when I’ve felt connected to people and the world, the times I’ve loved, the times I have felt despair, the times I’ve been sure that I’ll never understand and am proved wrong. I am so thankful for the chance to let anyone kind enough to listen know that I love the hell out of life, for better or for worse. I hope it can be a friend to anyone who feels the same way!"

Briston Maroney - Credit Angelina Castillo
Briston Maroney - Credit Angelina Castillo

Maroney goes on to note that album was recorded sometime between the summer of 2019 and early 2020 in Los Angeles, where Maroney teamed up with producer John Congleton (St. Vincent, Angel Olsen), plus co-wrote with Dan Wilson (Leon Bridges, Adele, The Chicks), and Manchester Orchestra's Andy Hull among others.

Even more impressive the album is set to arrive paired with a full-length feature film. A brain child of Maroney and longtime visual collaborator Joey Brodnax, each song is being presented with its own cinematic take.

Watch the trailer for the visual album HERE.

"Sunflower" marks a unique evolution for Maroney. His past releases have been more in the vein of individualistic freedom and the DIY spirit. Speaking on this “It’s been my journal for a really long time,” he explains. “There’s a beauty in songwriting. It’s a scrapbook. It’s a photo album. And if you’re really putting your heart into what you’re doing and writing songs for the right reasons, every one of them should take you back to a very specific place.”

The songs that live within "Sunflower" encompass the journey he's gone to to get here. From deeply personal struggles to self-realization and everything inbetween. The subjects and themes are raw, vulnerable, and offer insight into the trials he's gone through. “Hopefully this record is representative of my journey,” Maroney says in the statement, the opening track “Sinkin” sums up the record to him in a single cut. “Here’s 100 percent of who I am,” he says going on to add, “It feels the most connected to my heart”.

Maroney offers more insights on the recording process as he mentions his experience working with producer John Congleton on "Sunflower", and how Congleton helped him embrace trusting his gut to create music with emotional depth. “He communicates really directly and really taught me a lot about speaking precisely and speaking about what you want to accomplish with a song and a record,” Maroney recalls. “Whereas I have a tendency to be really abstract. I learned to be able to switch into that mode. He had my back the whole time.”



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