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Tiny Moving Parts "Swell"

"Send applause to your heart Strings"

These are the very first words you hear vocalist Dylan Mattheisen scream just seconds into Tiny Moving Parts newest full length record, Swell. Swell was released on January 26th, 2018 and marks the bands fourth full length album and their third album on label Triple Crown Records.

Tiny Moving Parts is a 3 piece outfit from Benson, Minnesota made up of brothers William and Matthew Chevalier, as well as their cousin and lead vocalist Dylan Mattheisen. They’re a family band that has been playing music together since middle school and their undeniable chemistry is mirrored in their music. Mattheisen’s initial lyric is immediately followed by math-y picking and sporadic riffing that quickly establishes the tone for the rest of the album. Tiny Moving Parts have perfected their signature blend of emo, indie, pop punk, and math rock, and it shows on Swell.

Clocking in at just over 30 minutes, Swell wastes no time in serving up a barrage of fast paced punk riffs and lyrically dark, yet light feeling lyrics that are guaranteed to get stuck in your head. Swell doesn’t feel that much different than Celebrate, and that’s okay. Tiny Moving parts have spent years creating their addictively fun brand of punk rock and it’s no surprise that they’re not in any rush to change it up, at least not yet. Swell’s lyrical content isn’t much different than any other emo band’s lyrics, but with the help of the instrumentals and Mattheisen’s overwhelming aura of positivity, they end up resonating quite strongly with the listener. The precise instrumentation and fun arpeggios compliment the vocals excellently and really bring them to life. On the closing track, Mattheisen exclaims; “You're the copper, I'm the litter at the bottom of the wishing well, it looks as if we both have drowned. Warm hand splash comes down on the reach. You'll never mean much to anyone, but you mean the world to me.”

It’s moments like this that will take you by surprise and leave you with a flurry of emotions. The uplifting vibe of the music will make your heart swell (HA!) with happiness while the honest and open lyrics will keep you grounded and make you think about the sad reality of certain aspects of life. It’s this very formula that makes this music so addicting and fresh. Some of the more standout tracks on Swell are “Caution”, “Whale Watching”, and ‘Smooth It Out”.

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to check out an album that will surely make many listener’s ‘Top 10 Albums Of 2018” lists, then wait no longer. This is your sign. If you enjoy similar artists like Microwave, Foxing, or Hot Mulligan, then this record is right up your alley. Swell is another delicious serving of math punk goodness. It’s a signature dish that Tiny Moving Parts has mastered and that we hope they never stop serving up.

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