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Gleemer // Down Through // Other People Records

Gleemer // Down Through Vinyl Record // Other People Records Vinyl

Lush and full yet soft-spoken, Down Through is a hazy dose of escapism. Blending elements from shoegaze, post-rock, to even hardcore through their heavier lyrical content. There is an atmosphere Gleemer creates that doesn’t leave when you're done listening, it’s hard to put that feeling into words. A heaviness that is somewhat calming. It’s mellow but not slow pace or simple. Time-shifts, intricate drums, a contrast between the noise and fuzz against crystal clear layered acoustics and melody.

Down Through has what you can describe as a lo-fi meets full-bodied sound. A subtly you can hear clearly throughout the record which was produced and engineered by Will Yip, whose attention to detail, reputation, and tenure expands beyond simply a few albums.

The record is best in full format, each song building on the prior in turn setting the atmosphere that resonates so long. As opposed to albums with a few singles laced with interludes and filler songs; Down Through is a purposeful slow burn that provides an escape from reality even if it’s only for a short while.

Vinyl Record Variant - Half black and half seafoam green - Gleemer Down Through
Variant - Half black and half seafoam green

Album Credits

Produced & Mixed by Will Yip

Mastered by Ryan Smith


Corey Coffman: Guitars, Vocals Charlie O'Neil: Guitars, Drums

Nick Manske: Bass

Matt Roberts: Additional

Production / Songwriting

Percussion by Will Yip

Cover Photograph / Layout: Jack Garland

Sleeve Portrait: Ben Ward


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