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Creative Spotlight - Errick Easterday @EasterxDaily

Photo by Errick Easterday

In the DIY hardcore community there are few touring photographers / videographers that work as hard as Errick Easterday. From projects with Kublai Khan, King 810, & Loathe to Varials, Errick has carved a path in the scene leaving his creative mark on all of the projects he oversees. In addition to his consistency, he tours with artists relentlessly only further proving the extent that he's willing to go to document and share the his world with the hardcore community.

Errick covers a variety of mediums including motion, film, Polaroid & more incorporating his own blend of textures and bold color tones. Few directors put as much thought into color schemes and there higher meaning to hand selecting textures to bring up a past feeling of comfort. In particular we wanted to highlight his juggernaut of a roll out with Varials which included 3 music videos (one double feature) to coincide with 4 new singles all in one day from Varials upcoming full length In Darkness releasing October 11th through Fearless Records. The music videos come off as more short length feature films rather than your generic label produced music video which is what drew us in.

Labeled as A Varials x Errick Easterday Production, the 4 singles were released into 3 music videos; Romance / The Love Machine, I Suffocate & Bleeding. What resonates across all three of these videos is the use of bold color palettes combined with a aesthetic lack of color at times. Errick conveys a dark ominous tone that brings you back to the alternative metal universe of the late 90's. Combined with his texturing choices, visual glitches and other fx he paints a hazy picture of delirium that is darkly nostalgic and reminiscent of the same mesmerizing atmosphere that's typically found in horror movies like It Follows, As Above So Below or Queen of the Damned.

Checkout the music videos for the new singles below and dive into the world of Varials & EasterxDaily.

Varials - Romance / The Love Machine (Official Music Video)

Varials - Bleeding (Official Music Video)

Varials - I Suffocate (Official Music Video)

Erricks creative direction and branding touch doesn't stop with Varials, he was also behind the concept and direction of the album art for Kublai Khan's recent release Absolute.

The album art for Absolute is another strong showcase of successful branding of a release from the merch & vinyl variants to the album art and additional artwork. The music video for the lead single Self Destruct is a perfect example of this:

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