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Vanna “All Hell”

Vanna “All Hell” | “All Hell” is the sixth and final (All Good Things Must Come to an End) studio album by American post-hardcore / hardcore punk band Vanna. The album was released on July 8, 2016 via Pure Noise. Instead of doing a review this time we wanted to share the story of when we got this album and why Vanna is known for connecting with their audience so well. . CONCERT STORY: Nearly a year ago Vanna was on their farewell tour and we happened to be lucky enough to stumble upon it by surprise. We were originally going to an Emarosa without any idea that Vanna was going to grace our presence. What we didn't know was that Davey Muise (Frontman of Vanna) and Bradley Walden (Frontman of Emarosa) had noticed that they were booked in the same city on the same night during their respective tours. They decided that it would be a good idea to combine both Vanna and Emarosa's tours for that night and share a stage instead of playing two separate ones.

The venue was The World Famous Nile Theater in Mesa, Arizona, for those of you not familiar with it picture this. You walk into a coffee shop that looks like a regular cafe but has a doorman in the back left. You go up and present your ticket and they open a door leading into a huge open room that resembles a basement. There is concrete flooring, a 5ft elevated stage that spans a large amount of space, bar in the back and then massive stone walls that create a unique atmosphere.

During Vanna's set singer Davey Muise opened up to the crowd about some of his own personal struggles and demons. I just want to quote a few things that he said because they really stuck with me and I hope they do the same for you. "Don't ever let anyone confuse your happiness for weakness". Then Vanna began another song and during the performance Davey started inviting fans onto the stage one by one by one until there was a crowd of 10 people all singing along to the song as Vanna continued to slay their performance.

The last thing Davey said before Vanna began to perform their final song was “We love to say FUCK, but we also love to say FAMILY. You guys are all our FAMILY and we couldn't be more grateful”.

Long Live Vanna


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