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Thursday "Full Collapse"

Thursday “Full Collapse” | Full Collapse is the second album by American post-hardcore band Thursday. Released on April 10, 2001, it marks their first and only studio album on Victory Records and features two of the band's most popular singles, "Understanding in a Car Crash" and "Cross Out the Eyes." Full Collapse helped to establish Thursday as an immensely popular group in the indie and alternative rock music scenes and provided some of the earliest mainstream exposure to post-hardcore.

Full Collapse combines post-hardcore influences with melodic elements and emotional lyrics for a heavier, tighter, and more cohesive recording than Thursday's debut. The album has been described as post-hardcore, post-punk, emo pop, emo and hardcore punk. The album opens and closes with matching songs featuring ambient, dream-like guitar and distant, robotic-filtered vocalization in contrast to the overall intensity of the album.

The album gained largely positive critical reception, particularly within the punk community. Kurt Morris of All Music described Full Collapse as "a breath of fresh air" and noted, "Thursday displays a peerless version of the emo sound for a music scene that may not be ready for what the band has to offer." While not Thursday's commercial peak, Full Collapse has retained a strong legacy within the post-hardcore scene and remains arguably the band's most popular album. Frontman Geoff Rickly would describe Full Collapse as a "turning point record"


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