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"The Death Of Me" Polaris's Incendiary Sophomore Release

*You can find a copy of the vinyl here

Released by SharpTone Records / Resist Records

For Fans Of: Currents, Loathe, Holding Absence, Architects, Like Moths To Flames, ERRA

Polaris made waves back in 2017 with their debut full length “The Mortal Coil”, that record created the foundation for what would be a consistent stretch of touring that carried them across the world in support of the record supporting metalcore titans and rising names such as Architects, August Burns Red, Parkway Drive, Silent Planet and more.

It would be foolish to think Polaris would slow down now, “The Death Of Me” has already proven to be a champion addition to their catalog further defining sound. The record is available on vinyl with an /500 pink w/ sky blue swirl variant from SharpTone Records now.

Back in November we got our first taste of the new record with Masochist, an incendiary track that goes from slow burn to chaotic with hellishly self destructive lyrics and full throttle riffs. If that wasn’t enough Polaris continued to hold no punches with the delivery of their next two singles Landmine and Hypermania. The latter features a dizzying hybrid of technical and melodic metalcore with insanely trippy music video accompanying that may or may not be prone to causing seizures.

Polaris dug deep with this release and created a catalog of 10 songs that flow effortlessly together, each strong enough to stand alone as a single or together as a no filler album. If “The Mortal Coil” introduced Polaris to metal punk and hardcore communities, “The Death of Me” is going to be the much welcomed sophomore release that demonstrates a band maturing. Understanding their sound and taking everything a step further, on every level.

Another thing that absolutely stood out with this album was the meticulous production by the band’s Front Of House sound engineer, Lance Prenc, and longtime friend Scott Simpson (of Melbourne band Alpha Wolf), and mastering by Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland at Think Loud Studios Pennsylvania. Every instrument, vocal line, drum fill, guitar solo or riff are clear and crisp. They cut no corners with creating this album leaving us with a perfect record to listen to front to back. Some standout tracks to get you on the hook, and by on the hook I mean you will binge this album, are “Martyr (Waves)”, “All Of This Is Fleeting”, and “Pray For Rain”. And of course if you haven’t already check out Polaris debut lp “The Mortal Coil”.

“The Death Of Me” Track Listing:

  1. Pray For Rain

  2. Hypermania

  3. Masochist

  4. Landmine

  5. Vagabond

  6. Creatures of Habit

  7. Above My Head

  8. Martyr (Waves)

  9. All Of This Is Fleeting

  10. The Descent

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