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Teddy: Emo Revival Through Rap

Released: April 27th, 2019 via Autnmy Records

For Fans Of: Nothing, Nowhere. , Oliver Francis, Juice WRLD, Fats’e, Smokeasac, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Lil Peep, Brand New, Nedarb, Guccihighwaters, Emo Nite LA

Genre: Emo Rap, Cloud Rap. Post Rock

Teddy the album is the debut lp from emo rapper Teddy. Drawing influence from pop punk, post hardcore, trap beats, acoustic samples, autotune and the emo revival Teddy’s debut is essentially a running journal of his life brought together through distorted guitar lines and trap beats. Emotional vulnerability is a calling card of today's youth and with zero interest in appeasing others Teddy is unapologetically authentic.

Lush soundscapes, tortured lyrics and beautifully layered guitars are laced throughout the album painting the feeling of falling without a parachute but on cloud nine about it. Melancholy, cathartic, genuine escapism this album is hauntingly relatable.

Teddy’s sound is in line with others producers at the forefront of the emo rap movement like Yawns, Smokeasac, Nedarb, Charlie Shuffler & Fish Narc. Teddy’s castle life brand is all about building your own reality and being your own escape and this album captures that perfectly. Featuring a diverse array of scene bred samples Teddy connects with youth culture as the self appointed “prince of the lost and the broken” as he sings in one of his songs. Don’t forget it was once uncool to like Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance at one point. Emo rap speaks to a generation of kids that can really relate. It is further proof to continue to deny societal “norms” and do what you love.

Standout Tracks: Crying Love, Cold World. Tempt Fate ft. Nat Dunn

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