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Staff Picks the doors - the soft parade 50th Anniversary

"He gave himself up for the music and let it possess him." - John Densmore, Remembering Jim Morrison

the doors / the soft parade

50th anniversary deluxe edition CD + LP numbered & limited set available at

With nearly two hours of previously unissued recordings this meticulously crafted anniversary pressing features stripped-down cuts with both strings and horns removed from the lead singles from the original release "Touch Me", "Wishful Sinful", and "Tell All The People". To top this all off there are a new guitar overdubs by founding member Robby Krieger and revisited mastering by renowned audio engineer Bernie Grundman. Other highlights within this set include the debut of the infamous studio jam "ROCK IS DEAD".

The Soft Parade is the fourth studio album by The Doors and was originally released on July 18, 1969 by Elektra Records. Leading the expiremental movement while also treading into mainstream territory The Doors defied industry norms and continue to put out break genre boundaries. From a slew of intriguing instruments from a mandolin, trombone and fiddle to organs and various different pianos, The Doors had a way of infusing some of the most unique aspects and blend them into a sound their own.

Give this iconic album a listen and simply enjoy, happy spinning.

You can find your own copy of the anniversary vinyl here


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