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Premiere: This Is Not Utopia “A Question of Etiquette”

For Fans Of: Polaris, Wage War, Fit For A King, Northlane, The Word Alive, Make Them Suffer, Afterlife, Architects, Imminence

Genre: Metalcore, Melodic Hardcore, Post Hardcore

This Is Not Utopia deal in modern metalcore based out of Hamburg, Germany with big choruses and big heart.Not only are they causing quite a stir in their homeland at the moment, but their debut album “A Question of Etiquette” will release this Friday May 31st via highly acclaimed international digital distributor “The Orchard”. The album was recorded in Winter 2018 at Blastbeat Productions, in Kiel Germany and is paired with two music videos directed by Daniel Prieß (Deez Nuts, Comeback Kid).

The first two singles “Apex Predator“ and “Stoa“ were already really well received by fans and “Stoa“ was featured on the official “New Blood“ Playlist by Spotify.

“With the album we try to make our mark on the oversaturated metalcore scene nationally and internationally via an exciting mixture of modern, melodic metalcore and emotional lyrics that move the listener off the beaten path of cliche metal and boyband images.” - This Is Not Utopia

This Is Not Utopia tosses and turns between visceral metallic power and entrancing emotionality encased in otherworldly electronics. holding nothing back, Their connection with fans through both lyrical content and deep rooted instrumentals grabs your attention and keeps it. The bands musical content is all about contrast and detail, fusing ambient and chaotic creating a sound nostalgic to metalcore fans fell in love with in the mid 2000s while still sounding fresh and their own.

This Is Not Utopia deliver what is most likely going to be on multiple End of The Year and Best of the Year lists for not only metal but modern rock music. Heavy hitting, melodic choruses, anthemic rhythms, and extremely well produced tracks This Is Not Utopia debuted with nothing short of an instant classic. If you are a fan of metalcore, posthardcore, hardcore, djent, punk, beatdown or anything in between there is something in this beauty of an album for you.

This Is Not Utopia

Standout Tracks: Apex Predator, Acceptance, Wolfsbane, S.L.B., Flatlines

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