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Premiere: Runaway - Leave ft Joseph Todd of Bloodline

Genre: Pop Rock, Alternative Rock, Post Hardcore

For Fans Of: Too Close Too Touch, Like Moths to Flames, Emarosa, Slaves, Hands Like Houses

Following their debut music video "Ghost", Runaway release their latest single “Leave” ft. Joseph Todd of Bloodline. Runaway delivers a beautifully produced single with poppy riffs and meshed with fluid harmonies and melodic interludes that keep you engaged. With the groove to the synth-pop offerings on this new release the appeal reaches from pop fans all the way to post hardcore fans.

Thanks to the hard hitting appearance of Joseph Todd from Bloodline the spring-heeled pop-rock track both soars and gets right in your face. The fusion of post hardcore and electronic music is and has been prominent for quite some time whether it be actual synths or just glitchy cut up effects. Listeners should fully embrace the synthesizers and McGivney's falsetto, because they are here to stay. Stream the new single "Leave" & watch the music video for "Ghost" below.


Runaway - Ghost (Official Music Video)

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