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Premiere: The Breaking Pattern - Phoenix’s Crossroads of Rock & Poetry


Genre: Pop Rock, Indie, Emo Pop, Poetic Rock

With any exposure to the local rock scene in Phoenix, Arizona over the past few years, The Breaking Pattern name should ring a bell. Based around lead singer Derek Hackman’s lyrical flair and poetic styling, the band has fostered a cult-like following in the valley, drawing influences from other legendary Arizona pop-rock acts such as Jimmy Eat World, Fun., and The Maine. After a year of touring off their single “Taylor Swift”, the band has found itself with a new lineup and a renewed focused. Recently returning to the scene, The Breaking Pattern are poised to release two brand new singles on the year, with the first being “Daydreamers”.

The desert pop anthem with soaring soundscapes, crooning vocals, and the quartet’s signature panned melodies, “Daydreamer” delivers an early summer favorite. The song’s intro simmers, then explodes, hitting listeners in the face with jovial, youthful nostalgia. The poetics are put on display right out the gate in a whispery clean verse before the song envelopes listeners into the rush of lyrical visions that make up the chorus. The second verse offers a new dynamic variant, standing in contrast to the first, and the bridge punches hard in an epic crescendo before dying down into a quiet chorus. The song ends with a classic emo layered-vocal outro, giving the song a “big-finish” appeal that demands listeners to hit the replay button.

I had the opportunity to sit down with lead singer Derek Hackman about the band’s next chapters and what the singles mean to the band. “Last year was a year of risks. We took a chance on a poppy single like ‘Taylor Swift’ and we paid our dues to the road. With the warm reception of our last single, but with the grueling nature of the road, I decided I wanted to focus on writing songs that made me and our supporters feel happy. When I came to my new bandmates with the idea, they were 100% on board and supportive. We went to town on the new singles, and now are focusing on being the best live band we can be for all our friends and fans here in Phoenix.”

While The Breaking Pattern has only been a name for three years, the project itself has been ever-evolving, and has stood at the epicenter of Phoenix’s local music scene for over a decade. Having played with various sonic textures and styles over the years under various stage names, Derek feels going forward that they have found strength in the band’s identity, signature elements, and production. Asked what specifically has reignited his energy, Derek mentioned “these guys all have the experience, are all amazing musicians, and have been some of my best friends for years”. The new members – dubbing themselves as TBP 2.0 – are all former bandmates of Derek on past projects and were quick to adapt to the songs and style. As evident from their frequent social media posts, the band radiates a lighthearted, welcoming vibe that is contagious and inviting to new audiences.

Owning a lane in rock music that is often ignored, the cathartic, introspective nature of their recordings make The Breaking Pattern a name to watch in 2019. Dynamic swells, grandiose choruses, and resonant drum punches stand out in much of their discography. As frontman Derek draws on his own Southern background and influence, hints of ‘twang’ occasionally lace into the pop driven guitar leads. Topped with an undeniably unique vocal styling and witty lyricism, the band has created a distinctly original sound that can only be identified as The Breaking Pattern.

Debuting with the chemistry only longtime friends possess and capitalizing on the unique aspects of the group, The Breaking Pattern are ready to share the emo, poetic rock experience with all open ears. Refined, polished, and at the peak of their game, the band has officially gone next level as The Breaking Pattern 2.0.

Hear the new single “Daydreamer” and follow The Breaking Pattern on Spotify below, Also check out the videos for “Taylor Swift” and “Shadow of the Moon”.

Daydreamer Streaming Link

The Breaking Pattern - "Taylor Swift" [Official Video]

The Breaking Pattern - "Shadow of the Moon" [Official Video]

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