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Novelists FR - C'est La Vie

Genre: Progressive Metal

Released By: SharpTone Records

Explorative, and elegantly arranged. Equal parts melodic and groove heavy with no shortage of mind altering solos, full bodied vocals and elements of post rock, mathcore and ambient jazz.

C’est La Vie is the atmospheric third full length from vibe laced progressive metalcore group Novelists FR based out of Paris, France. C’est La Vie is both heavy and prog driven making it the perfect addition to Novelists FR catalog alongside Souvenirs and Noir.

This is an extremely interesting record because in the progressive and more technical subgenres of metal where a lot of material can sound redundant and emotionless as if they are just going through the motions but that’s not the case for Novelists FR.

Creative instrumentation and fills create a cohesive and cinematic nature within the record. With the more jazzy elements adding a level of depth and tone that is powerful but more sophisticated than brutal. Since hearing the singles Somebody Else and Head Rush Novelists became an instant obsession and one of our most anticipated upcoming releases.

Music video directed and edited by Nicolas Delestrade

You can watch videos for two of the three singles Head Rush (above) and Somebody Else (below). If you’re loving it you can grab a copy of the very limited red w/ black swirl vinyl pressing limited to 250 from SharpTone Records HERE.

Shot and Edited by Alexis Fontaine

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