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They always say “everything is bigger In Texas”. It’s hard to disagree with that saying when you hear an album like Surface Noise, talk about huge sound. Surface Noise is the brand new debut full length LP from West Texas titans JUDICIARY. As one of their track titles might suggest, “Surface Noise” is 26 minutes of PURE FURY. This record is a fast paced whirlwind of thrash metal and hardcore punk that’s guaranteed to get you moving. Texas seems to have no shortage of incredible heavy bands lately. Artists like Kublai Khan, I AM, and Power Trip are continuously raising the bar in hardcore, and now, bands like JUDICIARY and fellow Texans Creeping Death are climbing the ranks right there with them. It must be that extreme southwest heat that’s helping supply the firepower to these ferocious tracks.

2018 felt like one band after another desperately trying to push the boundaries of heavy music. It seemed like every new album was entirely focused on how many genres could be blended together and how far a band could push the envelope of their respective style. That was okay, but the lack of pure, unadulterated, and in your face heavy music left something to be desired. With that being said, JUDICIARY has kicked off 2019 with the perfect satisfaction to that particular desire (there’s a Hatebreed joke somewhere in there). Surface Noise isn’t particularly outside the box, and that’s more than okay. It’s a mind numbingly heavy dose of metallic hardcore that’s easy to jump into and offers a much needed recess from extremely technical hardcore.

The vocals and drumming throughout this record are fantastic, but the real treat here is the guitar work. This album is RIFF CITY. The sometimes clunky feeling and slow burning song structures of heavy music are completely absent here. The whole album flows so smoothly. Every verse, every solo, and every breakdown is beautifully strung together with jaw dropping riffs that bounce back and forth between impressively technical and downright heavy. There’s a little bit of something for everyone here. Get this, if all that wasn’t enough, JUDICIARY went and layered in insane vocal features from Knocked Loose, God’s Hate, and Mortality Rate. Talk about icing on the cake.

Simply put, “Surface Noise” is all hands on deck sonic devastation. If you’re a fan of heavy music, I would strongly urge you to give this juggernaut of a record a listen. JUDICIARY is set to tour the USA in support of this new album in March with a bunch of other fantastic heavy bands. Go to a show, buy some merch, catch a triple windmill 360 spin-kick to the face.

Support hardcore. Support JUDICIARY.

Upcoming 2019 US Tour Dates

With Creeping Death and Vatican 3/6 - Dallas, TX at Prophecy Bar 3/7 - Houston, TX at The White Swan 3/8 - Baton Rouge, LA at Phil Brady's Bar 3/9 - Biloxi, MS at Crooked Letter Brewery 3/10 - Jacksonville, FL at Nighthawks 3/11 - Columbia, SC at New Brookland Tavern 3/12 - Wilkesboro, NC at The Mass Grave

With Typecaste 3/13 - Philadelphia, PA at The Pharmacy 3/14 - Amityville, NY at Amityville Music Hall 3/15 - Manchester, NH at Bungalow Bar & Grill 3/16 - Albany, NY at Fuze Box

With No Victory and Low End 3/17 - Louisville, KY at Spinellis 3/18 - Milwaukee, WI at JJS 3/19 - Des Moines, IA at Vaudeville Mews

With Drain and Low End 3/20 - Colorado Spring, CO at The Black Sheep 3/21 - Salt Lake City, UT at The Beehuve

With Drain 3/22 - Bay Area, CA TBA 3/23 - Fullerton, CA at Riff Mountain

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