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Gatherers // We Are Alive Beyond Repair // Equal Vision Records

Have you ever come across a record that is eerily too relevant to today’s climate, even if it was released before the time in question? This is one of those albums. We Are Alive Beyond Repair is the third full length from melodic post-hardcore / post-rock group Gatherer’s which was released through Equal Vision Records. Even the name itself holds an uncanny resemblance to what we are facing right now as a collective. A beautiful yet nihilistic journey into an ever growing abyss.

Beyond the title, the themes concurrent throughout the album are what keeps drawing us back. We can confidently say that this record is spun regularly on our end. There's a dichotomy to the album balancing a harshness stemming from angst, uncertainty, and hopelessness combating against beautifully structured passages. Similar to how City of Colour or Anthony Green can paint a dark picture in a beautiful light, that is how the album resonates with us. Clocking in at just over 30 minutes, there is a heavy amount of material and depth in these songs packed into the record leaving you craving more minutes after finishing listening. The record takes you inside your mind in a wicked tour kind of way. Shining a lot on distant memories, doubts, dead ends while keeping you entranced. Almost like the Greek myth of the Sirens, there is an alluring sense to the downward spiral explored in We Are Alive Beyond Repair that keeps you reaching to put your hand over the flame. This is not an emo album. Each song chronicles deep rooted struggles, exploring the darker side of the human cognition, whereas a typical “emo” can be chalked up to surface level issues and emotions. These songs move beyond that, just like there is a difference between a novella and a novel. There is a difference between a Gatherer’s record and post-hardcore/rock record due to the progress nature both instrumentally and lyrically.

In short, We Are Alive Beyond Repair should be a welcome and praised addition to anyone's collection. If you find yourself searching for more progressive and thought invoking records, look no further.

Variant pictured: blue smoke vinyl. Limited to 200 copies.

Album released in June, 2018


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