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For The Record: As Cities Burn - Scream Through The Walls

Genre: Rock, Post Hardcore, Melodic Hardcore

For Fans Of: Oceana, Gatherers, Sufferer, Drop Dead, Gorgeous, Hopesfall

Released: June 7th via Equal Vision Records


Whether you are sad, angry, lonely or simply looking to dive into the darker side of escapism, Scream Through The Walls is the perfect gateway.

As Cities Burn are back darker and grittier then ever, not only is Scream Through The Walls the bands first new album in 10 years but also the first time both of the Bonnette brothers are back on the same album. Mixing their classic scene bred heavy hitting screams and clean vocals that was associated with their critically acclaimed debut Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest, the band delivers their most thorough and evolved album to date.

Taking aim at self-made restrictions that society places on itself is brought to life through Cody Bonnette's dreadful and foreboding lyrics. Hitting like a double edged sword brothers TJ and Cody lace together almost meditative clean vocals and emotion evoking screams effortlessly. Instrumentally the albums progressive spin on post hardcore surpasses the cliches of screamo and the over saturated metalcore market.

The entire album carries a thematic atmosphere of confinement, loathe and despair bringing those emotions to life to a point of pleasure. Equal Vision went to great lengths to bring fans a one of a kind album experience on both artistic fronts and musical fronts. The albums cover art was shot at the Colombia Art Building in Colombia, TN and perfectly mirrors the mood of the record.

"the first day i was alive. i got on a ride against my will, it's so amazing i made it this far" - track: maybe

Scream Through The Walls is a multi-sensory experience. Whether you are streaming or spinning the vinyl give the new record your full attention. Dive into it and live in the world as cities burn paints. Explore the album art while you listen and read the lyrics along as you hear them. The album runs deep and is already a strong contender for album of the year within the post hardcore and rock communities thanks to its primal scream therapy and layered instrumentals leaving both a haunting and memorable feeling. If you didn't buy the album you can explore the vinyl artwork in our interactive gallery on the As Cities Burn spotlight page.

Standout Tracks: blindspots, maybe, chains, venture

As Cities Burn "Chains" [Official Music Video]

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Photo Credit: Alex Bemis


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