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Genre: Post-Hardcore, Emo, Metalcore

Starting 2019 from the depths behind heartbreak, Shayne Shelton (lead singer and guitarist) began writing what would become “Tiny”. Coincidently, longtime friends Brandon Dillman (drums) and Sebastian Vargas (bass) were also pursuing rougher, emo tunes with a melodic sway similar to Movements. Born was Arizona’s own three-piece band, endcredits. Started as a sad boy emo project, the trio has steadily grown since the start of the year.

endcredits has quickly gotten to live shows, having already shared the stage with As Cities Burn. Three songs out to date, the group has been balancing recording new material and performing around the Phoenix area. The second track released to date, “Better” showcases just what endcredits can do - take listeners from a chill emo vibe with a smoothly sung melodic chorus, into a propulsive, booming energy with crashing drums and powerful guitar effects. In terms of what’s expected from their unreleased work, the band has been pursuing a sound they describe as “darker”.

Possessing not only a unique vibe within aggressive emo music, the trio of endcredits also self-produced all but one of their masters. All singles released to date have album art designed and directed by drummer Brandon, while photography is primarily shot by bassist Seb. Maintaining creative control of their projects from start to finish, the guys behind endcredits deliver an honest sound that properly represents the vision of this band.

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