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Blink-182 “Enema of the State”

Blink-182 “Enema of the State” | Enema of the State is the third studio album by American rock band Blink-182, released on June 1, 1999 by MCA Records.To record their third album, Blink-182 turned to veteran punk rock producer Jerry Finn, who previously worked on Green Day's breakthrough album Dookie (1994). Enema was the band's first album to feature second drummer Travis Barker, who replaced original drummer Scott Raynor.

Enema of the State had an extensive impact on contemporary pop punk, reinventing it for a new generation and spawning countless tributes and a massive following. The songs on Enema of the State are fast-paced songs regarding "adolescent aimlessness, broken hearts and general confusion over the care and feeding of girls." Summarizing the album's content, The New York Times called Enema of the State a sampling of "ecstatic, goofy numbers about teenage uselessness, with a smattering of tender introspection." Enema of the State remains the highest seller in the band's catalogue.

The record proved monumental on the pop punk genre. With the release of the record, Blink-182 became celebrities and the biggest pop punk act of the era. Enema of the State has been called an accurate representation of middle-class teenage life, especially at the time of its release. Entertainment Weekly called it the "perfect encapsulation of the American adolescent male mind-set circa 1999."


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