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ASHRR Debut Mesmerizing New Album Oscillator

ASHRR “Oscillator” via Self Released

Released: May 10, 2019

For Fans Of: Future Islands, Zola Blood, Morrissey, David Bowie

Genre: Synth Rock, New Wave, Dream Pop, Indie Pop

Over the last year, ASHRR has generated a great amount of buzz from press (,,,, etc) building up to the release of their debut album released on May 10th 2019. Independently, the trio has had monumental success from music in film/tv to production with high-profile acts and writing credits with legends. The band’s sound has a dark new-wave throwback vibe unlike anything else at the moment, that’s reminiscent of acts like David Bowie, Peter Murphy, Talking Heads, Echo and the Bunnymen, Gary Numan and contemporary acts like Future Islands.

ASHRR’s unique sound shines bright on the band’s new album, that’s due out in May. Musical diversity can be heard throughout the record with each song written and performed with distinct purpose and meticulous skill. The band’s contrasting backgrounds allows for a collision of influences from new wave and art rock to indie electronic pop. “We are interested in true emotion and intent, and having something real to communicate,” adds Allen. “We are also interested in experimenting and pushing the boundaries to find something new.”

Oscillator paints a picture of neo noir landscapes, prog cosmos while also coming off as almost anthemic or symphonic. ASHRR taps into emotion that runs deep in their shimmering tracks. Drawing influence from new wave, synth rock and indie pop, ASHRR is a gift to the music community.

Standout Tracks: Waiting for Silence, Boundaries & Lost In You

Check out some of the singles from Oscillator:

“Made Up Your Mind” Music Video

“Don’t Wait Too Long” Music Video

“All Yours All Mine” Music Video

“Medicine Man” Music Video

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