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Artist Spotlight Vein - This is all That you were programmed to be afraid of

If you are one of those people who wrote off Vein because of their grotesque yet captivating album art or typecasting them with other generic metalcore/hardcore bands its time to wake up and listen to the album that shot Vein to the top of the hardcore community. It is no suprise that this album was engineered, mixed and mastered by heavyweight Will Putney at Graphic Nature.

This album is the heaviest record to hit mainstream metal in a long time other than the waves Knocked Loose have been making. Basslines provide a guttural undercurrent throughout and DiDio's rage and aggression that flow throughout the album from start to finish. Melodic-yet-chaotic hardcore. Immediate and full-hearted; it is passion beyond posture and a reassurance that good new bands are always there ready and waiting to carry any genre forward. Closed Casket Activities, the metalcore influenced hardcore label from Troy, NY has massive roster at the forefront of the alternative metal space. There is no doubt that Closed Casket is a dominating voice of the underground; Vein, Judiciary, Portrayal of Guilt, Harms Way, Twitching Tongues, Hate Force, the list goes on.

Unless you don't mind a stiff neck or a bloody nose, you might want to internalize these songs before rushing out to the band's live show (We still highly recommend catching a Vein show on their upcoming US Tour).

"A few weeks before the August Hall show, Vein performed at mid-sized New York venue Irving Plaza. Just as things were heating up, security made it apparent that they would be getting physically aggressive. The close-knit crowd retaliated as a pack, taking the fight from the stage to the back of the venue. The band paused for a moment to assess the situation before kicking into a higher gear, encouraging the remaining fans to climb the barrier. The scene was ecstatic and frenzied; from the mezzanine, you could feel the heat rise to the ceiling. At one point, Anthony front-flipped into the drum set. “You can’t let bullshit like that be the focus,” he tells me later, of the altercation. “The vibe was so strong. Everybody pulled through for us and we pulled through for them.” - Vein / Fader

Vein - Virus://Vibrance (Official Music Video)

Upcoming tour dates w/ Soft Kill & Higher Power:

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