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Fauni's entire catalog is laced with music that has been wildly influential, extremely popular and often impressive as a voice of the underground. Fauni has built a massive cult like audience over the years and with his unique strain of experimental hip-hop has been able to break into both mainstream and underground audiences. What drew us into Fauni was more than just his impressive catalog, not only does he tour relentlessly to the point where a normal artist would burnout, he never fails to brings a chaotic energy to each of his live shows, turning a 500 cap venue or a rap festival into a war zone. Akin to metal & hardcore moshpits going to one of his shows is just as much about the energy and experience as it is for the music. Anything goes at a Thouxanbanfauni show, and with digital yet raspy textures with juddering industrial low-end & lofty cloud beats mixed into one as the soundtrack it makes it easy to understand how he has taken off the way he has.

With seriously heavy trap influenced beats and distorted, warped production throughout, each drop of music is refreshingly original. Judging by image alone, you’d assume Fauni wasn’t playing anything approaching metal, but you’d be wrong. His music is a hyper-aggressive meld of piercing shrieks and distorted instruments with heavy trap beats and hip-hop vocals. Fauni's visuals hit like a mix of Tokyo Ghoul anime crossed with the disturbed aspect of Slipknot which sets him apart from some "industry plants" gaining momentum.

Fauni Figueroa’s latest project includes seven tracks with no guests. Production is handled by RXLVND, Trixx and Krookz, among others.

Stream Thouxanbanfauni’s Seein Colors below.


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