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"all dogs go to heaven" Is a Refreshing Hyperpop Record & from Breakout Artist Glaive

"all dogs go to heaven" Is a Refreshing Hyperpop Record & from Breakout Artist Glaive


Glaive's Sophmore EP "All Dogs Go To Heaven" Is a Refreshing Blend of Looped Guitars, Hyperpop, Punk, and Personal Lyrics. The EP is out now, dive in and get lost in Glaive's world at the links below

Following upon his debut EP "Cypress Grove" which took the internet by storm with glaive's unique blend of hyperpop, teen agnst, and finger to the pulse creativity, he is back to grace us with his sophmore EP "all dogs go to heaven".

Released through Interscope, the eight track extended play is garuanteed to be on repeat for the months to come. Admittedly, we've been playing this record on repeat since it's been out. "synopsis" and "stephanie" are just a couple of the tracks that have an addicting quality to them. From the intricate looping math-rock esque guitar licks to the deeply personal lyrics, there's a mass appeal element to glaive's music that has taken effect without him losing an ounce of the creativity that broke him in late 2020 with "Cypress Grove".

In addition the new EP which is streaming now on whichever streaming service you prefer, there are lyric visuals for each track as well as accompanying music videos for "detest me" and "i wanna slam my head against the wall". We personally love this EP for it's ties to many of the genres we love, even though the record doesn't fit into any of those pre-defined boxes. Whether it's the nuances that raise nostalgia of early 2010's emo to the elements of hyperpop that has been embraced by a new wave of creatives, this is a EP we heavily recommend.

Stream the new EP at the links and watch the video for "detest me" below.


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