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Photo by: Luke Henery

Photo by: Luke Henery

Somewhere between dream pop, alternative indie and their own creation, Eliza & The Delusionals offer a lush and intoxicating sound. Building on the buzz generated from touring with Silversun Pickups and a string of well received singles and debut EP the group has released their sophomore EP A State Of Living In Objective Reality on March 20, 2020 through Cooking Vinyl.

We were lucky enough to share a conversation with founding member, singer and guitarist Eliza Klatt about their new EP, staying active despite worldwide tour cancellations, and how you can support your favorite artists in these times.


Eliza & The Delusionals "Just Exist"

Discover Vinyl: First off huge congrats on the release of your highly anticipated sophomore EP “A STATE OF LIVING IN AN OBJECTIVE REALITY” yesterday (or today for all us US fans), we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us. How does it feel now that the release is finally out?

Thank you so much. It feels really nice to have the songs finally out, especially because they were written at least eight months before we took them into the studio. We had them so long and finally getting to record them was cool and yeah it’s just weird to see them out there on Spotify. Like I checked it yesterday for us, today for you, and it’s just really really cool.

Recently you and the band had to fly back home from the United States due to tour cancellations, how has it been going so far, have you been able to stay sane and creative during this time?

Yeah, so we just got home two days ago and we are in self isolation because we have to be for two weeks. So we’re on day four of fourteen so far.

It’s not so bad, we’re staying in a flat at the back of my Dad’s place so it’s pretty chill. We’ve just been writing music and have our playstation set up. We’ve also been doing some pedal board rebuilding. Just like things that we don’t really get time to do, we have heaps of time to do now so I guess that’s one good thing about it.

What was the creative process like when you were writing this album? Did you try anything new or different when going about writing and recording the record? One thing I noticed when listening through was how crisp the production and mastering were on the record.

Thank you that’s really nice. I think the song writing was definitely a little bit more collaborative than the first EP. We actually worked with the same producer between the first EP and this one, so it’s just how we’ve evolved as musicians and creatives and people over time. But yeah it was a much better experience in the studio, we felt very hands on with it. It was a really great creative release for us at the time.

You guys have seen an amazing growth in following in the past year and commitment from industry icons including signing to the legendary indie label Cooking Vinyl last year and being invited out on tour with Silversun Pickups! Has there been an adjustment period to being more in the spotlight?

I think we kinda just got put into it headfirst. We signed to Cooking Vinyl a little while ago back at home but now our songs are getting played on the radio and our America team stepped on board more which was really cool.

We loved to see that you guys will be a part of a live streamed concert with a ton of other amazing Australian artists. Can you tell us a little about Isol-Aid, and what fans can expect from the social distancing festival and your intimate set?

Yeah definitely, so we’re playing for 20 minutes. It’s 9:20 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time so I am not sure what time that is for you guys. We’ll be doing around four or five songs, and there are some really really good artists on that lineup so it’s happening all Saturday and Sunday. I think definitely tune in, people will be tagging in and out of each set so you don’t have to go searching for everyone’s Instagram accounts.

Eliza & The Delusionals "Pull Apart Heart"

This was the first festival we saw take this approach. Do you think you would want to be involved in more opportunities like this when the music community is in a sense of turmoil.

Yeah definitely, we've been trying to plan things that we can do in this time. It’s just that it’s only me and Kurt and everyone else is in isolation in their own homes. So whatever we do will just be like some two piece stripped back stuff which is really different and cool for us as well.

We were pleasantly surprised when we stumbled across a cover of Circles by Post Malone you guys did in a recent live set, are there any other hidden covers in the bank that you might surprise fans with?

I think that song we learned pretty quickly. They were like we would love it if you could do a cover and it took us like a day to choose and a couple of hours to learn. We’ve been playing around with some here so I guess we’ll just see what we like, what sounds cool and what people might like hearing.

We don’t want to keep you too long so our last question is with all the anxiety and uncertainty around today, in your words how can people in the music community continue to support artists who rely on touring, releases and merch?

Keep streaming and keep listening to your favorite bands. Buy their merch if you would like or are able to. Buy any of their music through Bandcamp, they are giving 100% of sales to artists so definitely if you are going to buy digital music do it through them because that is the best way currently. Even though it is affecting everyone in the entertainment and music industry it is having a domino effect on a lot of other industries that surround it and rely on it.

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