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Sennheiser Celebrates 75 Years of Audio Excellence with HD 25 Anniversary Sale

Sennheiser Celebrates 75 Years of Audio Excellence with HD 25 Anniversary Sale

Josh Markarian

June 1, 2020

The gold standard for the working audio professional, find out why the HD 25 has been the choice cut for artists around the world. For a limited time only you can get the iconic HD 25 for a reduced price to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Sennheiser.

It is no secret that speakers and headphones can make or break the listening experience. With digital manipulation more prevalent than ever, true audiophiles are on the hunt for the purest audible experience. Digital compression and blue-tooth can take away from the listening experience which is why many avid listeners from quality checkers at record pressing plants to DJ’s who are cutting mixes turn to stereo headphones for an elevated experience.

Sennheiser’s HD 25 is the gold standard for pure listening. Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Sennheiser, they are releasing a special anniversary deal and limited edition design for their iconic HD 25. Hailed as a go-to reliable headphone, the HD 25 is versatile enough to go from sound lounge listening to the loud crowds of a festival stage. Boasting a lightweight frame and pivot-able ear pad, the design and firepower of this headphone make it ideal for the working sound professional. For the entire month of June you will have the limited time opportunity to secure a pair for only $99.95 USD as opposed to normal retail price.

Anyone who picks up a pair of the headphones in the month of June will be automatically entered to win a limited edition version of the headphones featuring bold black and yellow design and ear pads. There are only a select quantity of limited edition headphones worldwide making it a true gem if you’re lucky enough to receive one. Even better the limited edition HD 25’s come in a retro sleeve featuring a previously out of print variation of the Sennheiser logo.

A small feature for many but a massive one for us is that these are one of the fewer high end pristine headphones that are cruelty free and vegan. A lot of headphones marked as premium come with leather material in the ear pads. The HD 25 ear pads are made of a synthetic leatherette. In a time where there are countless products or brands to choose from, it is important to stick to those that line up with your own personal values. These headphones are a beautiful expression of that, the balance of unparalleled sound and quality without compromising integrity.

Head over to to find a list of verified dealers near you where you can find a pair of these headphones at promotion price. If you are used to listening through bluetooth headphones or blue-tooth studio monitors, this is the perfect step to take your vinyl lounge experience to the next level.

Frequency response (Headphones)
16 - 22000 Hz

THD, total harmonic distortion
< 0,3 %

Contact pressure
~ 2,5 N

Ear coupling

Jack plug
3,5/6,3 mm stereo

Cable length
1,5 m (HD 25 Plus: 1-3 m)

Transducer principle
dynamic, closed

Without cable:~ 140 g

Nominal impedance
70 Ω

Load rating
200 mW

Max. Sound pressure level (active)
120 dB


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