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JULIA BHATT's Exuberant New Single "I'm Cool" Premieres via Earmilk

JULIA BHATT's Exuberant New Single "I'm Cool" Premieres via Earmilk

Heather Hawke

Jan. 17, 2020


Exuberant New Single "I'm Cool" Premieres via Earmilk

Photo credit: Shervin Lainez

"Everyone’s cool. There’s no need to pretend like you’re superhuman to be cool. Crying and going through rough times doesn’t make you any less cool,” genre-jumping indie artist Julia Bhatt explains to Earmilk who premiered her new single "I'm Cool."

Working with producer and mentor Elliot Jacobson (Elle King, Ingrid Michaelson, Verite), “I’m Cool” features exuberant melodies, Julia’s fast paced wordsmithing and a slight twang, that adds a shuffle to the robust sense of confidence. The track rides on the heels of her previous single "Marco" and critically-acclaimed debut single “Tall.”

Sparking acclaim for her previous singles, the media has garnished Julia with heaps of praise, signaling her as a buzzworthy artist to keep an eye on. Velvet Independent says of the track "Tall" that her deep and soulful vocals carry across waves of jazz and Latin-fueled pop and “shows a teen who is full of insane potential.” Elevator Mag says that her “vocals are commanding, forcing the production to obey her.” All Ages Zine lavishes plaudits on her track "Marco", saying it “proves you never know what you’re going to get style wise from her while boldly declaring that she and her music can’t be placed in a proverbial box."

Born in Boston, MA but living practically the whole of her young life in Miami, FL, Julia was raised on a stimulating and expansive musical diet. She grew up listening to everything from classic rock, American songbook standards and bossa nova beats. She and her sister accompanied their mom, dad and step-mom to numerous concerts, including The Beach Boys, America, the Dave Matthews Band, No Doubt, Sting, James Taylor, and the Rolling Stones, among many others. It was this variety of rhythms and melodies that helped shape the wide-ranging music she creates.

Absorbing all this musical knowledge and bursting with creativity to write and record more new music, "I'm Cool" is just one of the many new songs Julia will be releasing soon. With an exciting fresh batch of songs dropping, Julia is ready to debut her material onto an unsuspecting world.

Stream "Im Cool" below:


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