Large Vinyl Record Shelf | Multiple Record Vinyl Frame | Extendable Aluminum Hanging Shelves for Multiple 12” LP Vinyl Records

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Hang multiple records at a time without the need for buying a new frame for each record. Our extendable double-LP shelves are stackable with itself and single-LP shelves allowing you to build a custom record wall down to your exact number of records you want to display. Custom-built wall mounted vinyl displays.

Open, attach hanging strips, secure to the wall. There are four holes designed for mounting in each of the corners as well as blank areas on the back of the stand for securing non-damaging 3M strips. Mount as easily and quickly with 3M strips, flat tacks or small screws.

Floating shelf design keeps records close to the wall while holding them at a slight angle to prevent tipping or falling. Slim profile that still securely holds records.

Industrial blasted silver finish with minimal stand surface area allows you to showcase the album without sacrificing areas of the cover art.

Ditch repurposed picture frames and clunky border heavy displays. Floating shelves designed specifically for vinyl that reduce shelf space.

Floating shelf design makes swapping your record on display as easy as replacing a book in a bookshelf.

Every Discover Vinyl brand floating shelf comes equipped with two sets of holes on each side designed for connecting together multiple displays. Whether you want a shelf one record wide, two records, or ten. Simply connect the two shelves with our provided hardware and design your new floating collection.

Compatible with:
7” Singles
10” EP
12” LP

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