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Welcome to Riot Night

Parties suck. Meaningless conversations, names you forget before your next drink, and the awkward search for something in common with strangers. This party is none of that…

Welcome to Riot Night.

Justin Chard and Katia Kianpour laid the groundwork a few years back to establish a community based on the music all of us strangers have in common. Maybe the only thing that everyone present shares in common, and really the only relevant commonality, is the cathartic release of screaming your favorite lyrics back at artists on stage. You are in good company at Riot Night.

Only a few years in, this community is taking flight. In Phoenix, Arizona on March 16th, Riot Night hosted a sold out show comprised entirely of locals at Club Red. SOLD OUT. Maxing out a venue is not an easy feat with 100% of the bill being local bands. This accomplishment stands as another nod to Riot Night’s success.

Riot Night not only features local artists, but has also hosted legendary members from groups such as All Time Low, Yellowcard, and Atreyu. Don’t pigeonhole Riot Night as just a concert. More than that, Justin and Katia have built this community to provide DJ’d party buses, listening parties, and more. In fact, Riot Night just did a raffle for FREE State Champs tickets which is all the more reason this recurring event is one to take heed of.

Styles ranging from pop-punk to metalcore were played throughout the night for fans of any kind. Whether you were hoping to dance to a “Girls Like You” Maroon 5 cover, or join a circle pit, which Meet The Machine bassist, Brandon Raeburn, jumps off stage mid-song to help start, Riot Night ensures all emo music lovers get to party in their own way. (And if you’re really holding out, there’s always cold beer at the!)

Featured on the night’s bill was Riot Night cofounder Justin Chard’s band - Ella Kaye. The local hardcore metal group returned to the stage for the first time in 15 months accompanied by their newest member, Jack Croom on drums. Talk about practicing what you preach. Not only are Justin and Katia grinding on the business front to provide Phoenix with a place for the music we love to exist in a LIVE and COMMUNAL sense. But Justin was also handling his band’s return since more than a year ago. All for Riot Night attendees.

This is the spirit and drive that I see existent all over the Phoenix scene, and one that makes it incredibly easy to find aggressive guitar riffs and double bass drumming anywhere in the live setting.

Mark your calendars if you’re in the desert on April 29th - Riot Night returns to The Van Buren with Ella Kaye, Dead Rabbitts and Story Of The Year for another chance to grab a cold beer with friends and witness the talented local scene. And be sure to stop by their merch table to pick up Riot Night threads! Party on!

-Justin Nuckols

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Justin Chard - @justinchard

Katia Kianpour - @katiakianpour


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