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The Maine "You Are OK"

The Maine “You Are OK” via 8123

Released March 29th, 2019

For Fans Of: Radiohead, U2, Bring Me The Horizon, The Killers, Mayday Parade, My Chemical Romance

Genre: Alternative Rock, Modern Rock, Emo Rock


Self assurance and personal metamorphosis are themes brilliantly served in The Maine’s seventh album, You Are OK. Mantras of contentment, peace within the duality of anxiety and optimism, and proud reflection on the journeys we have all survived thus far are found not only within the lyrics, but also within starkly contrasted song sections that surprise us in transitions at just the right moments. The Maine are venturing into a new sonic direction to counsel listeners with a reminder: You Are OK.

Throwing their formulaic template for making records out the window, The Maine have delivered one of the year’s most pronounced, daring, rock albums - and with elegant artistry. Modern studio technology pairs with innovative song structures for The Maine to introduce both new and longtime listeners an unpredictable album through elements such as orchestral strings.

You Are OK’s overture opens to vocal harmonies and stadium-esque spaciousness, elements untouched by the band in previous work. Orchestral strings are included throughout as both features to songs as well as melodic leads. As fast paced and uptempo as this record plays, there are hints of relaxed, ambient texture throughout which heightens the reflective tone of You Are OK.

All but two songs on the album, “Forevermore” and “Broken Parts”, present the essence of explosive, hurried and urgent proclamation. Throughout the record, John O'Callaghan’s lyrics navigate through a story of defiance to the lows we cycle through in life. Supporting the reverbed vocals are guitar driven melodies complimented by powerful, in-your-face, grooves which are intensified by orchestral strings. Embellishing sonic grandeur and flexibility with the strings lended The Maine a new tool on You Are OK to evolve emotions and creative expression.

The group departed from producer Colby Wedgeworth, who worked on the past two albums, to bring in producer Matt Squire, who did the band’s debut Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop record in 2008. Both Colby and the quintet decided fresh ideas and styles for this project would make them stronger collaborative forces on future records. Those unfamiliar with the name Matt Squire will certainly recognize the artists he has collaborated with: Panic! At The Disco, All Time Low, The Amity Affliction, The Used, and Taking Back Sunday.

Those who enjoyed the remixes of “Lost in Nostalgia” and “Sound of Reverie” from the Lovely Little Lonely era will love what was the third single released off the record, entitled “Broken Parts”. An emotionally encouraging track about resurrecting from our lowest points, electronic samples and vocal loops fuse with violins to create a beautiful ambience.

Closing out the expansive journey, “Flowers on the Grave” ensures no surprises are missed in a lengthy 9:23 song. Hypnotic, entrancing, poignant, and stunning all describe the four independent sections to this song that were transposed into a common key. You Are OK, capped off with a track that epitomizes catharsis and resolution, returns listeners home from where they began on a journey of embracing and adapting to the transformations.

Watch videos for singles “Numb Without You”, “My Best Habit”, and “Broken Parts”, as well as lead singer John’s poem, “You Are OK”.

Numb Without You

My Best Habit

Broken Parts

You Are OK

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