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COARSE “I” via Zegema Beach Records and Secret Nature

Released: July, 27th 2018

For Fans Of: Vein, Chamber, Wristmeetrazor, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Dillinger Escape Plan, Turmoil, Converge,

Genre: Industrial Hardcore, Hardcore Punk, Mathcore


COARSE is the creative collision between members Brandon Gallagher and Ryan Knowles. On July 27th, 2018 COARSE released their debut EP “I” via Zegema Beach Recordings and Secret Nature on a limited run 7” vinyl. In addition to the original pressing, COARSE have released an /20 limited Alt Cover for their upcoming Japan headline tour with Vision of Fatima. “I” is 6 tracks of industrial tinged hardcore punk that delivers a no boundaries captivating mix of blast beasts and perfectly unpolished sporadic licks. “Fueled by being surrounded by the uninspired” - Brandon Gallagher, COARSE brings a new direction for both Knowles and Gallagher as they aren’t bound by typical tropes and associations with generic heavy music and metalcore. Each track is a demonstration of blinding rage, painting a picture of pure adrenaline, grime, obscenity, chaos and sheer noise in the most satisfying way possible. COARSE are in a creative league of their own when it comes to defying genre boundaries and limitations. The ultra harsh aesthetic of COARSE is an evident theme both through their music but also all of the art accompanying the release. We say art because that is what it truly is, all of COARSE’s content and material is created by Gallagher / Knowles to reflective of the current “scene” which rings true both within the music realm and today’s culture.

“I” is a forward thinking release from a band that is already be compared to veterans like Botch, Converge, and The Dillinger Escape Plan. Standout tracks include Separation is Survival, No Heart & Shed.

Grab a physical copy of “I” here: COARSE - I (7"EP)

Watch the Music Video for “Shed” by COARSE Below:


Upcoming Tour Dates

Mar 20 - Tokyo, Japan @ Seata (w/ Vision of Fatima)

Mar 22 - Nagoya, Japan @ Reflect (w/ Vision of Fatima)

Mar 23 - Kyoto, Japan @ Growly (w/ Vision of Fatima)

Mar 24 - Osaka, Japan @ Hokage (w/ Vision of Fatima)

Mar 26 - Fukuoka, Japan @ Yojigen

Mar 30 - Tokyo, Japan @ Hachioji Rips (w/ Vision of Fatima)

Apr 27 - Meerhout, Belgium @ Groezrock (w/ Jawbreaker, Dropkick Murphys, Coheed and Cambria)



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