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American Standards Release Chaotic New Single "Phantom Limb"

Phoenix, Arizona’s American Standards have premiered a completely unhinged new single titled “Phantom Limb”.

Phantom Limb is the newest installment in a series of crushing singles, highlighting frantic melodies and unrelenting drums giving the listener the feeling of being caught in a free fall. The intensity is cranked up to level 10 only to be met with brief moments of harmony. You’re then quickly thrown right back into panic mode. Echoes of mathcore pioneers Converge, Botch, Norma Jean and Every Time I Die can be heard, thus it may come as no surprise that Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Kevin Antreassian had his hand in mixing and mastering the single at Backroom Studios.

Phantom Limb pushes the dynamics of the experimental hardcore band while hearkening back to familiar sounds of early 00’s and late ‘90s metalcore. Unrelenting melodies and shifting time signatures are paired with expressive, dual vocals. The song is reminiscent of mathcore pioneers such as Converge, The Chariot, Every Time I Die and The Bled.

We’re always pushing ourselves to do something different. With Phantom Limb, it was taking a traditional song structure and turning it upside down into something that sounds a bit schizophrenic upon first listen.”

- Brandon Kellum, singer of American Standards.

Listen to Phantom Limb by American Standards on any streaming music platform or via their BANDCAMP.

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