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10 Record Labels That Love Vinyl

10 Record Labels That Love Vinyl Image

In a time when analog is falling to the digital era, these record labels aim to champion vinyl records.

With streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music account for the majority of playtime artists get, it is always nice to see a record label that showcases its artist roster on vinyl records. Here is a list of some of our favorite record labels that are bringing analog back into our lives. The below labels are listed in no specific order, please keep in mind we attempted to avoid major record labels with big budgets for this list. We also focused on record labels that put out current music rather than re-issues.

Equal Vision Records

Genre: Punk Rock, Alternative Rock, Hardcore, Experimental Rock

Sumerian Records

Genre: Metalcore, Instrumental Metal, Progressive Metal, Hardcore Punk

Mind of a Genius Records

Genre: Hip Hop, Dance, Indie, Electronic

4AD Records

Genre: Alternative Rock, Experimental, Electronic, Indie Pop

Danger Bird Records

Genre: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock

Mad Decent

Genre: Electronic, Dance, Funk, EDM, Trap

SharpTone Records

Genre: Hard Rock, Metalcore, Heavy Metal, Hardcore Punk, Pop Punk

Pure Noise Records

Genre: Pop Punk, Hardcore Punk, Alternative Rock, Post Hardcore, Metalcore

Sargent House Records

Genre: Experimental Rock, Punk Rock, Progressive Rock

Fearless Records

Genre: Pop Punk, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Post Hardcore

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