Now Spinning Klangstof “Close Eyes To Exit”

Now Spinning Klangstof “Close Eyes To Exit”

Josh Markarian

Feb. 15, 2020

Klangstof “Close Eyes To Exit” • Debut album from edison award-winning act (dutch equivalent of the grammy's), was released on september 9, 2016 via Mind Of A Genius.

The epic soundscapes and guitars on Klangstof's debut album Close Eyes To Exit remind you of quiet and fascinating Scandinavian nature, while the synthesizers and drum-machine sounds bring an industrial feel.

In 2017, Klangstof became the first Dutch band to play the world-renowned Coachella festival in the US. To describe the effects of Klangstof’s music–an expansive, psychedelic, and experimental soundscape comparable to the likes of Radiohead, alt-J, and Sigurros.